Not really the best tool for saving money according to some experts with, but it is still worth considering. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, i.e. their price changes strongly and quickly in different directions. If you are not a professional trader, it is worth investing for the long term. More and more companies and countries are accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, and blockchain is gradually being integrated into our lives. All increases the demand and popularity of certain coins.

For long-term investments, it is worth paying attention to the largest currencies in terms of capitalization: bitcoin, ether, solana, etc. Smaller projects can both shoot up and lead to big losses. It takes a lot of time to find something really worthwhile that can grow several times in a short period of time.

To describe the risks, here is an example of the recent collapse of LUNA. Not so long ago LUNA was one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, the project was on everyone’s lips and many were talking about its prospects. But one day the price of LUNA fell by 95% and never recovered. You can read more about this situation here.

With cryptocurrency you can even earn passive income, there are analogs to deposits – stacking and liquidity pools. The rates are usually higher than in banks, but this is compensated by increased risks.


  • you can significantly increase your investments;
  • you can use it to transfer money and as a means of payment;
  • you can earn passive income.


Very high risks.

What is it good for?

Cryptocurrency can be used as a tool for saving money. But it is worth to allocate a small part of capital and invest for a long term. It is suitable for diversification of investments.